The things that come to those who wait, may be the things left by those who got their first.”

Steven Tyler

We are technologists, business people and lovers of cannabis.  Our desire is to do things that are new, creative, challenging and rewarding for ourselves and others who we employ and partner with.  We wanted to bring these traits and desires to an industry that is growing and where there are numerous opportunities to contribute and to help address the many challenges and needs.

We saw a need to build a platform that would:

  • Help address the current level of industry fragmentation
  • Provide capabilities to this industry currently not allowed by other platforms
  • Bring technologies and business models to this industry that have proven their value in other markets/segments
  • Focus on the B2B segment of the industry that represents a very large and untapped market
  • Focus on the “ancillary” goods and services of the industry that have not yet been addressed well

With the above in mind, CannaMPx was developed and launched.  We are by no means done as both technology and this industry are ever so dynamic.  We will evolve and mature along the way to continue to be relevant and value-add to our customers and the industry and to do what is right for our company, employees and our community.

We look forward to the ride and hope you will join us!


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