is excited to announce new functionality that provides members with enhanced abilities to segment and filter listings, and access to a new listing category to provide broadened offerings and search/discovery.

New Fields and Filters – Industry/Business Segment, State Specific/Focused

You can now better segment all marketplace listings when posting and then for filtering during search/discovery with two new fields that have been added:

Industry/Business Segment (where is the offering most applicable to; available for all categories)

  • Farming/Cultivation
  • Manufacturing/Processing
  • Laboratory/Testing
  • Distribution/Transportation
  • Retail
  • General Business Operations

State Specific/Focused (available for Service & Education/Training categories only)

  • State(s) that the listing is specific/focused to (if no state(s) are selected, offering is considered nationwide/global)

Use Case: You are offering or are searching for services in the farming/cultivation industry segment that are specific to the California market.

All current listings have automatically been updated with the above, however we encourage our members with active listings to log in to review and make any edits as needed.

New Education/Training Listing Category

We have added a new listing category – Education/Training – that provides the ability to now list and search for specific industry course and seminar offerings. For each of the listings in this category, the following custom fields are provided:

  • Type – Course or Seminar
  • Format – Virtual or In-Person
  • Timing – On-Demand or Scheduled
  • Certificate Issued – Y/N
  • Start & End Dates/Times (for Scheduled)

Related, there is new marketplace filtering functionality for the first three fields above for enhanced search/discovery.

Use Case: You are offering or are searching for virtual, on-demand training courses to educate front-line dispensary/retail workers that is specific to Oregon laws and regulations.

A number of our training provider members have begun to post this new content, check it out here!

Drop us a line with any questions and we are always open to hearing how we can continue to improve the platform –



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